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Renewable and Independent Power Supply in NEK’s Field Office in Ghana

NEK has equipped its Ayitepa field office with independent power supply to ensure the workplace can be used without interruptions due to power outages, which occur during these times frequently in Ghana. NEK engineers designed and installed a system combining an 800 W wind turbine, 600 W of solar panels and a battery backup system.

With this installation, NEK can power its office 100% environmentally friendly by harvesting the great wind power potential that is currently unused in the entire Ningo-Prampram area.

The system that is providing regular 230V is able to supply power for lights, the computers, printers, a fridge and the air condition systems. In times when the power consumption in the office is lower than the production, the backup batteries are charged. When the power consumption is higher than the production from the turbine and PV panel, electricity from the battery is used as support. The office is still connected to the main ECG connection for environmental unfriendly days and maintenance on the system.

Apart from being independent from the frequent power outages, money can be saved with this installation, which NEK intends to install also in other houses for people in the area.


  • Published on April 22, 2021