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Konikablo Boundary Demarcation Has Started

Some weeks ago, the boundary demarcation work for the 200 MW Konikablo Wind Farm has started with the aim of setting out the project perimeter in the field, so that it is clearly marked and visible. On top of each pillar is a flag with the logo of Upwind Konikablo Ltd. mounted.

As first step, the outer corners are marked with concrete pillars installed by local workers and issued with the corresponding project markings. This work started at the northern project site and is almost completed. The boundary demarcation in the southern project area will start soon.

Before the work started, the Chief and Elders of the clans were consulted in order to ensure that the pillars are in line with the mutually agreed land boundaries. With this approach, it is ensured that the extent of the project area is well understood by all involved parties and stakeholders and that there is no disruption of activities once the Konikablo Wind Farm is being constructed. During this exercise, also local livelihood data is gathered on site, which will also contribute to the Livelihood Restoration Plan.

IMG 0249 IMG 3337 P1 flag P7 flag IMG 3350 image003

  • Published on July 05, 2019