Third Konikablo Project Newsletter Published

Our third Konikablo community newsletter highlights some important events of the past few months. We are in close contact with the local communities. Several community engagement events around the Konikablo Wind Farm project area took place and even more will follow. As project developers, we are delighted about the participation and positive reactions. It is important for us to develop our projects in a social sustainable manner with all stakeholders engaged and involved. Therefore, the community events are an important part of our wind farm development.

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  • Published on August 28, 2019

Konikablo Boundary Demarcation Has Started

Some weeks ago, the boundary demarcation work for the 200 MW Konikablo Wind Farm has started with the aim of setting out the project perimeter in the field, so that it is clearly marked and visible. On top of each pillar is a flag with the logo of Upwind Konikablo Ltd. mounted.

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  • Published on July 05, 2019

Community Engagement Event in Koni and Kablo for the 200 MW Konikablo Wind Farm

On Monday, 24th June 2019, two community engagement events took place in relation to the development of our 200 MW Konikablo Wind Farm, one in Koni and a second one at Kablo. More than 80 persons showed up in total to be informed on the progress of the project in their neighbourhood. The project developers, NEK Umwelttechnik AG and Upwind Konikablo Ltd., presented the current state, the benefits of the planned wind farm for the involved communities and local population and answered also the questions coming from the attendees.

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  • Published on June 28, 2019
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