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Site Visit of the Konikablo South Project Area for the Siting Permit issued by the Energy Commission

On September 14, 2022, the site visit for the Siting Permit of the Energy Commission took place in the southern project area of the Konikablo Wind Farm Project. Such a site visit is an important prerequisite for the issuance of the Siting Clearance by the Energy Commission. Representatives of all the authorities and stakeholders involved were present, including the Energy Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Grid Operator GRIDCo, the Ministry of Defense, District Assembly, Lands Commission, landowners, family members, the Kabiawe Clan and others.

The various stakeholders can get a picture of the situation on site and use the opportunity to ask the project developer questions. For the project developer Upwind Konikablo Ltd., all local staff were present. All upcoming questions and potential uncertainties could be answered satisfactorily.

The Konikablo Wind Farm will have an installed capacity of around 250 MW, depending on the type of turbine finally selected. The wind farm will be connected to substation in Sege, located directly in the project area between Konikablo North and South, where grid access to the 330 kV line is planned. Thanks to the electricity produced with this project, at least part of the opening electricity gap in Ghana can be covered and the often-occurring black outs in the Greater Accra Region can be tackled. It is also anticipated that part of the produced electricity can be exported to foreign countries based on the export licence which also will be issued by the Energy Commission for the Konikablo project.

Construction start of the project is scheduled for 2024. Once completed, the wind farm will deliver more than 650 GWh of clean, reliable, sustainable, home-made and cheap electricity to the population per year.

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  • Published on September 15, 2022