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Upwind Konikablo Ltd. receives in Ghana for the Konikablo Wind Farm the Siting Permit

After a long-lasting process, the Ghanaian authorities have issued for the Konikablo Wind Farm project the so-called Siting Permit, which is mandatory for the last required permits for the construction and operation of the Wind Farm.

The Energy Commission based its decision to issue the Siting Permit on extensive consultations with all relevant Authorities and stakeholders and a final site visit in February 2022. As per now, just the Export Licence and the final Construction Licence from the Energy Commission are missing for the start of construction.

The Konikablo Wind Farm will have an installed capacity of around 200 MW, depending on the type of turbine finally selected. The project will be connected via a new substation to the 330 kV line which trespasses the project area directly. Therefore, the produced electricity of Konikablo can be exported to surrounding countries or also distributed within Ghana.

  • Published on April 29, 2022