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Preliminary Geological Survey for Konikablo Wind Farm carried out

At the end of January 2020, the preliminary geological survey in the Konikablo Wind Farm project area was carried out. The specialised company Grundbauberatung-Geoconsulting AG investigated the soil properties and installed sensors for groundwater measurement. The investigation provides first important information on the soil properties and helps to determine the location of the individual wind turbines and the dimensioning of their foundations.

The investigation was accompanied with great interest by the local population. Trial pits at 10 selected points with a depth of approx. 6 metres provide initial information about the soil structure. The geologists from Grundbauberatung-Geoconsulting AG from Switzerland have also been taking soil samples to examine them in more detail later in the laboratory. Furthermore, pipes of 6 meters length were installed at each point for groundwater investigation. Sensors measure the height of the groundwater over the year, this data is of great interest especially during the rainy season between April and November.

This preliminary investigation provides first important geological findings for further planning of the Konikablo Wind Farm. It will allow a more detailed planning of the turbine locations and the dimensioning of their foundations. At a later stage, when the exact layout of the wind farm is known, more detailed geological investigations with drillings at each planned turbine site will be carried out.

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  • Published on February 14, 2020