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Cadastral Survey for Konikablo North Successfully Completed

After several weeks of preparatory work, the final cadastral survey for the northern part of the Konikablo project area has been successfully conducted over the course of the past week.

The survey aimed to set out the exact project perimeter, by installing concrete pillars around the boundary. The coordinates of each pillar were then recorded with a static GPS. The GPS data now serves as basis for the preparation of the cadastral plan, which - once endorsed - will be plotted into the land title register of the Ghana Lands Commission.

Prior to the survey, various stakeholder visits and community engagement events were held, in order to ensure that the indigenes are adequately consulted and in agreement with the work done.

The survey was led by Surv. Kwasi Owusu Ansha of the Ghana based company Oak Pioneer Ltd. in collaboration with the Community Liaison and Accra Team of NEK (Ghana) Ltd.

Below’s pictures show some impression of the survey work.

Survey Saturday 1 GroßSurvey Saturday 3 GroßSurvey Saturday 6 Großfile 39 Großfile1 28 GroßSurvey Saturday 5 Groß

  • Published on September 11, 2019