Recently, the site visit for the Siting Permit of the Energy Commission took place in the project area of the Konikablo Wind Farm. Such a site visit is an important prerequisite for the issuance of the Siting Clearance by the Energy Commission. Representatives from all the authorities and stakeholders involved were present, including the Energy Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Defense, District Assembly, Lands Commission, landowners and others.

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  • Published on February 25, 2022

The Ghanaian TV station TV3 has made a documentary about the energy situation in Ghana. NEK also has its say in the documentary. The presenter Miriam Osei-Agyemang talked in detail with Dr Christoph Kapp about NEK's wind farm projects in Ghana. The camera team was also in the field for the documentary and inspected the measuring masts of the Konikablo Wind Farm Project.

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  • Published on June 24, 2021

NEK has equipped its Ayitepa field office with independent power supply to ensure the workplace can be used without interruptions due to power outages, which occur during these times frequently in Ghana. NEK engineers designed and installed a system combining an 800 W wind turbine, 600 W of solar panels and a battery backup system.

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  • Published on April 22, 2021

Upwind Konikablo Ltd., the company of the Konikablo Wind Farm, today donated goods for the people of Ningo-Prampram to protect themselves against the coronavirus. The items, which include face masks and sanitizers, were presented by the Community Liaison Team, namely Emmanuel Adjei Kordie, Jeff Amoah and Samuel Manorty, to the District Chief Executive of Ningo-Prampram, Jonathan Teye Doku at June 12, 2020.

In line with advice from health experts, Ghanaian authorities have made the wearing of face masks mandatory. However, the cost of masks can be a barrier for some people, so the wind farm developers have stepped in to donate and distribute these reusable, FDA-approved masks to the host communities.

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  • Published on June 16, 2020
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