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When are you going to commence construction of the wind farm?

Start of construction is planned in 2020.

How many wind turbines are sited at Konikablo Wind Farm?

The project comprises of up to 60 wind turbines.


When are you recruiting the workers?

Prior to start of construction, which is estimated for 2020.

Which groups of workers are you employing?

There will be a need to employ a wide range of workers from both unskilled and skilled backgrounds. Emphasis through the procurement of the work force will be placed on employing members of the local communities.

Wind Energy

Are there any risks for safety respectively health?

Compared to other energy generation technologies, wind power is in general one of the safest ways to produce electricity. No emissions are produced during operation and it is extremely unlikely that people are harmed through fires, collapse or other forms of turbine destruction. Wind turbines are highly reliable systems with very low failure rates of the components. Safety equipment such as lightning protection, fire suppression systems, electrical grounding etc. is installed in every wind turbine. Health and safety regulations are strictly followed at all times during construction and operation of the Wind Farm Konikablo.

Is farming still possible within the wind farm area

Yes, this is one of the main tasks we folllow-up in parallel: We will encourage and support that the local farmers will strengthen their activities and grow crops and grass cattles between the turbines.

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